Kizomba Mpls Dance Company

What Is Kizomba?

Video by Madel Dueñas

Kizomba, both a musical genre and a dance style, is a fun partner dance from Angola. Kizomba it’s notable for it’s close connection, intricate footwork, circular body movement and polyrhythmic music.

Our Community

Kizomba Mpls Dance Company fosters and celebrates a positive , inclusive and welcoming Kizomba community in the Twin Cities. We are passionate about educating people about Kizomba (in dance, music and Angolan Culture) through weekly classes, monthly gatherings and other events. Don’t be shy, we teach people of all levels (ahem… beginners, that means you too!) to grow and advance in their skill and knowledge of Kizomba. We can’t wait to see you out on the dance floor!

Meet The Team

madel dueñas

Instructor and Co-director:

Madel began dancing various styles of Latin dance at a young age. After completing grad school she wanted to devote more time to study dance and take formal dance training when she was introduced to Kizomba at a social in Minneapolis in 2016. Having a love for African rhythms and hip hop, she was captivated by Kizomba and by Urban Kiz. Since 2016 Madel has worked on following technique and in 2018 she began learning to lead. She hopes to grow the Kizomba community in Minneapolis and spread awareness of this beautiful dance through photography, videography, and graphic design.

ana taylor

Instructor and Co-director:

Ana was introduced to Kizomba in a serendipitous moment during the summer of 2015, and, since then, has been dancing non-stop. She is captivated by the organic beauty and simple elegance of the Angolan dance. Ana has traveled across the U.S. and abroad to train in Kizomba, Semba and Tarraxinha with world renowned dancers, including Lucia Nogueira. In 2018 Ana received her teachers certificate in Lisbon, Portugal. She is passionate about empowering new dancers and teaching the fundamentals of Kizomba through techniques in leading, following and body movement. Ana enjoys working with her team to build an inclusive dance community through weekly classes and spreading awareness of Kizomba through photography, video, and social media.